Commercial Drive Car Free Day – June 16th

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VPS will be hosting the Kids Stage at the Commercial Drive Car Free Day on Sunday, June 16th!

We would like to invite all VPS students along with their families and friends to this summer celebration. Below is the schedule for the day as well as all the exciting activities we have planned. Please join us for a fun filled day of performances, free demonstrations and dance parties!

If you are a VPS student and planning to perform, please arrive 30 mins prior to your performance times. Look for the VPS banner at Commercial Drive and William St.


12-12:30 Sing-Along with Alieda
12:30-1 Preschool Dance Party
1-1:30 Giant Twister Game
1:30-2 VPS Hillcrest
2-2:30 VPS Killarney
2:30-3 Hip Hop with Genieve
3-3:30 Sing-Along with Alieda
3:30-4 Vancouver Performing Stars
4-4:30 Preschool Dance Party
4:30-5 Zumba for Kids
5-5:30 Fiddle Performance
5:30-6 Fiddle Performance