Tiny Ballet

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Introduce your child to the world of ballet. These classes develop coordination, musicality and fluidity of movement while having fun. Increased ballet technique is expected at each progressive level. Appropriate dance shoes and attire please. Child must be able to attend class alone. Children will dance for parents on the last day of class.

To register in one of our classes:

Tuesday 11:15-11:45


Ages: 3yrs
Time: 11:15-11:45
Dates: Jan 8- Mar 12
Instructor: Rebecca

Wednesday 11:30-12

VPS on Fraser

Ages: 3 yrs
Time: 11:30-12:00
Dates: Jan 9 - Mar 13
Instructor: Katy

Saturday 9-9:30


Ages: 3yrs
Time: 9-9:30
Dates: Jan 5 - Mar 9 (no class Feb 16)
Instructor: Katheryn

Saturdays 11-11:30


Ages: 3yrs
Time: 11-11:30
Dates:  Jan 5 - Mar 9 (no class Feb 16)
Instructor: Katheryn

Saturday 10:30-11

Mount Pleasant

Ages: 3yrs
Time: 10:30-11
Dates:  Jan 5 - Mar 9 (no class Feb 16)
Instructor: Danielle

Sundays- 9:30-10

Ages: 3 yrs
Time: 9:30-10
Dates: Jan 6 - Mar 10 (no class Feb 17)
Instructor: Aisia

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