Happy Families

  • Thanks for an amazing experience through and through.

  • I'm so impressed with your company, philosophy and professionalism.

  • VPS is definitely the best performing gig in town. Our daughter's poise and confidence has clearly grown and we are so grateful we discovered you.

  • I really appreciate your warmth and reasonableness with the kids. The finished product is always amazing and I can truthfully say that you're a professional in your craft from every perspective.

  • We believe in a professional environment where fun, creativity and technique are nurtured to create a positive experience for all.

    Katy Schroeder
  • Thank you for so willingly sharing your gift with my grandchildren and, indeed, aspiring young actors in Vancouver. You are imparting so much more than just the rigours of pulling together a theatrical production; we have seen our grandchildren grow in confidence, take on greater challenges, and learn the value of teamwork, thanks to your mentoring.

    VPS Grandparent
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