Community Testimonials

  • It is very challenging time for all of us but I know VPS will survive and we will be there for you. We are looking forward to the online classes! We just wanted to send you a quick love to you!! Thank you for keeping us connected.
  • What a treasure VPS is.
  • Big fan of your musical theatre school and all you do for our city’s youth.

    VPS Parent
  • You have created such a positive and nurturing environment, but at that same time, a challenging environment where you have an expectation that encourages the children to rise to the occasion! 

    VPS Parent
  • Thank you for all of the time and love you put into helping to develop the confidence and skill in all these young humans. It is so important and you have a bigger impact on their lives than you know!

  • I just wanted to thank you all for an amazing birthday party for our daughter. The kids had a wonderful time and your space is very welcoming and well thought out.

  • Not only are your instructors talented, creative and loved by children, but you provide high quality, affordable and super organized performing arts training.  VPS means excellence and professionalism all round, while preserving the fun and delight of children. I am not understating this in saying you are truly an exceptional find in Vancouver. We stopped at VPS.

    VPS Parent
  • Thank you for so willingly sharing your gift with my grandchildren and, indeed, aspiring young actors in Vancouver. You are imparting so much more than just the rigours of pulling together a theatrical production; we have seen our grandchildren grow in confidence, take on greater challenges, and learn the value of teamwork, thanks to your mentoring.

    VPS Grandparent
  • We believe in a professional environment where fun, creativity and technique are nurtured to create a positive experience for all.

    Katy Schroeder
  • I really appreciate your warmth and reasonableness with the kids. The finished product is always amazing and I can truthfully say that you're a professional in your craft from every perspective.


Vancouver Performing Stars is a performing arts training program for children ages 2-16 that offers a variety of music, theatre and movement classes around Vancouver with a home studio at 24th & Fraser. From ballet, jazz and hip hop to glee and musical theatre, we strive to offer community programs that are continually growing with our students. By learning technique and confidence through song and play, children can hone their skills as performers while developing a love for the arts.

3994 Fraser St

Vancouver, BC


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